Slovenia? Slovakia? Similar by name, but very different by its geographical features, culture and cuisine. Slovenia is a country where the Julian Alps and Mediterranean sea meet the Pannonian Plain and Karst Plateau.
Where is it located? It lies in the heart of Europe, less than a two hour drive from Venice.
These are the frequent questions we get from foreigners and after 20 years of organizing and guiding mountain toursmainly for Slovenian customers, we decided that it is time to present our small but beautiful country to the world.
Our goal is to bring diverse Slovene nature and tradition to a wide range of people. The programs are therefore fun, senior friendly and underlined by great regional cuisine, which assure an unforgettable experience.
Be sure that Slovenia will leave an impression and you will wonder: “What have I been doing in my geography class?”
Why hiking Slovenia and the Alpe-Adria region:
  • Slovenia has fairytale landscape with crystal clear lakes and rivers.
  • Triglav National park in the Julian Alps is among the top 10 national parks in Europe.
  • Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world, a member of European Union and uses Euro currency. It lies in central Europe, where Alpine and Mediterranean flair combine.
  • Because of its unique location on the crossroads of Germanic, Slavic and Roman culture, it is often known as “miniature Europe”. The result is also one of a kind mixture of mediterranean, alpine, pannonian and balkan cuisine.
  • The capital city Ljubljana is close to other great cities. By car you can reach Venice in only 2h, Vienna in 3.5h, Munich in 4h, Budapest and Milano in 5h.
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Why Hiking Slovenia with Nered:
  • Mountains and hiking are our passion. Every year we organize more than hundred hiking trips and we always seek for new ones. Our team even maintains few mountain trails in the Julian Alps, so our hiking programs are inspired by 20 years of experiences and knowledge.
  • All of our tours are prepared and guided by professional, English speaking mountain guides with UIAGM / IVBV license.
  • Tours are also suitable for seniors and children aged 12 or older.
  • We own a mountain hut where we serve homemade specialties. The hut is connected to various natural sights by our own mountain trails, providing a unique and complex tour.
  • We are a reliable company with a fleet of 13 high quality coaches, which are regularly serviced and kept technically intact in our own workshop.
  • Our tours are not just active holidays in nature, they are an EXPERIENCE.

We offer different hiking trips (programs) for groups that can count up to 35 persons. Photo gallery of our recent trips and information about particular program is available at the links below:

- Program 1: "ALPE-ADRIA"



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